The planning and development of construction projects is one of the main tasks of Esparplant Engineering. We were responsible for the project management of outstanding works, such as the new Body-shop and the new Pre-Paint shop for Volkswagen Navarra.

  • Master plan for plant development
  • New Training Center
  • Alternativas Ampliación Montaje
  • New Treatment Plant for industrial wastewater
  • Extension of the railway underpass
  • Estudio Alternativas Nuevo Centro de Calidad
  • New Test Track
  • Structural reinforcements in Paintshop and Assembly Hall

  • New Paint-shop for Pre-paint-treatment (29.500m2)
  • Connecting bridges between Halls
  • New Body-shop Hall (32.000m2)
  • Dismantling light-weight Hall
  • Adaptation of internal railway tracks
  • New Hangar for locomotives and connecting roof
  • Demolition of old installations of pre-paint treatment and bridge

  • Modification Body-shop and adaptation for new car model
  • Adjustments for new body-warehouse in Paint-shop
  • New Tent Halls for logistics (3,200 m2) and PDI (2,600m2)
  • Renovation Aula Magna
  • New office space in Body-shop Hall (550m2)
  • New installations of wax treatment in Paint-shop
  • Project development factory infrastructure