Building facilities

More than 15 years of experience in installations for fluids and thermo ventilation. The adjustment of the natural-gas network of Volkswagen Navarra and its new Industrial-water-treatment-centre stand out of the many projects we supervised.

  • Installation for hydrochloric-acid applications
  • Ventilation in Assembly Hall
  • Study for cold water supply in Paint-shop
  • New treatment plant for industrial wastewater
  • Replacement gas systems with R22
  • Dismantling old sewage treatment plant
  • Air conditioning for elimination of temperature peaks in Assembly Hall
  • Adjustments to gas lines HFO-1234YF

  • Conversion pump rooms and cisterns for the factories’ fire protection system
  • Installation CNG-Gas
  • Conversion of cooling water system in Body-shop
  • Delivery Installations for Urea
  • Study and reconstruction of the factory´s gas system
  • Modification of the gas-system in Paint-shop
  • Adaptation thermo-ventilation in Paint-shop
  • Adaptation of the factory´s natural gas system

  • Study for ventilation in workshop 4 – Zona Franca
  • Report on climate improvement in workshop 8
  • Projects for building facilities
  • Technical tender documents for moistening in workshop 8
  • Study on climate improvement in the wax area in workshop 8 and 9
  • Study on new climate chambers CTS
  • Technical tender documents for climate improvement in building I-lobby