Fire Protection

The development and execution of fire protection projects that we have carried out are backed by the Cepreven Qualification (the official national supervising agency). Thus far, we have taken over these aspects in major projects, such as Sub-centrals, pumping rooms, the integral protection of warehouses and offices, etc.

  • New fire protection facilities in Paint-shop
  • Sectorization for air conditioning in Body-shop and Paint-shop
  • Study about the current fire protection facilities of the factory
  • Renewal of the pump system for fire protection

  • Installation of sprinklers in Assembly Hall and Paint-shop
  • Notification system for fire protection in Body-shop
  • New wax installations in Paint-shop and adaptation of the remaining fire protection of the Hall
  • Installation of Sprinklers in workshop 12

  • Study for fire protection for expansion of workshop 6
  • Study of the Façade structure of the building CROS for a new fire protection loop
  • Fire protection project for the automated warehouse in workshop 12